Hello World,

I'm Julian Habrock and this used to be (and in some way still is) my personal website. I'm a software developer from Aachen/Germany. I'm quite busy, therefore you only see this kind of placeholder page here for now. Back in school, when I had plenty of time, I used to have my old (German-language) website, which you can still visit here, in case you're interessted in older software projects of mine. Once, I've also set up an English-language blog where I very sporadically write about some smaller software projects I do for fun now and then. I have a bitbucket profile, but most of my recent activity there has been in private repositories.
You cannot follow me, as I have neither Facebook nor Twitter. However, you may send me an email, just take my first name and combine it with the domain of this site to buid the address. Another address along with my postal address is given in the Impressum of my old page which's still valid. There you can also find my public PGP key, in case you prefer encrypted communication.

Well, thats it for now,
have a nice day (or night),